== YouTube Subscriber tracker ==

I wanted to track how much a Youtube channel subscribers has grown over time. But I could not find any clean existing solutions on the internet. I also wanted to learn AWS at the same time. So I thought of developing a tiny project on AWS free tier for the same.

For continuous tracking, subscribers/views/videos count had to be captured on daily basis. I used AWS Lambda for compute and DynamoDB for storage. For daily trigger of Lambda functions, I used AWS EventBridge with cron expressions.

I also wanted to allow anyone else also to add any channel they wished to track. So I developed a minimal NET Core/React app and it was hosted on Elastic Beanstalk. I added an Elastic Load Balancer (with IPv6) as it gives easier HTTPS certificates. Lazy :).

If you like to track any channel, give it a try and kindly report issues if any.